Happy Suga day!!!

Happy birthdayOppa I love you!!!



Umm no. Don’t make me cuss😡

I’m sorry. Nobody insults my ‘Mother’ or his cooking. *cough *cough Gordon Ramsay. Let me ask you this. Did anybody ask for your opinion? Have you tried Jin’s food? No and No. I haven’t tried Jin’s food, but I guarantee you! That it tastes better than yours.im pretty sure Jin is probably sitting in his chair, sipping some tea like: 

“Now. I have 6 boys saying that my food tastes good soooo, I’m not letting you bring me down😂😘”. 

Like worms really. At least Jin isn’t letting one man ruin his love for cooking. 

Like I actually think to myself: “Damn I wish Jin made my lunch everyday😫”.